Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Watching Our Movie on the BIG SCREEN by Matthew

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Yesterday we went to the Film festival at Sylvia Park. Me, Kyi-kyaw, and Aidan, we went with Val to the film festival. Next, we see Kevin’s class in the hallway. I saw children from other schools coming. After that, we went inside the theater. There were 16 movies before ours. Our class movie was the best. I enjoyed watching ‘’Respecting Dogs’’ movie from another school. It was a good day and I felt proud of my acting.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Fun at Movie Festival By joel

Yesterday we went to our film festival at Sylvia Park Hoyts. I went in Khunfs car with Julia. When we got there, a lot of children from other schools were waiting outside the theater. I practised my speech while we were waiting. Next, we went into the big screen room and we watched lot of other films that different schools have made. Then our class film came on. I went up to a little stage with Mina and we introduced our class film. After that Mina and I ,sat back down and we watched our movie. That was so good. After all  the films were done, we went to the food court and had our morning tea there. We also had a frozen coke there. Then we had a little look around JB HI-FI and came back to school. I had a really awesome time at the film festival and my favorite film there was the “volcano“ one by Finn from EW3. It taught us some important facts about the volcanos around Auckland.

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Its again, Our Movie Festival by Thiha

On Wednesday, we went to the Sylvia Park for our film festival. Me and Kaine went there with Shama's car.  First we went to the theatre.  We waited in the hallway. Next, we saw Kevin’s class. I saw children from other schools at the festival. Then we went inside the theatre. We saw 16 movies. I think our movie is the best, but I enjoyed the movie about “Respecting Dogs. It was funny. We went to the food court where we ate our morning tea first after that we got a frozen drink as a treat for our good behaviour.
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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Friday, 3 November 2017

InterAct Art Festivel by Thiha

Last Thursday, we went to the InterAct Art festival which was held at the Corban Estate. It was my birthday. First, we went into the big hall where we had morning tea. In the next hall, we could do a lot of activities like making badges. We watched a show. It was fun. We waited for
IMG_0752.JPGour bus for a long time.IMG_6624.JPGIMG_6629.JPG

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Fun Day at Corban Estate by Matthew

On Thursday we all went in a  big bus to the    InterAct Art Festival. First, we went into the big hall where we had our morning tea. After our Morning tea, I went to watch a show of people dancing.  The show was great to watch. I then went into the next Hall where there were a lot of art things to do. I drew a self-portrait on a large paper on the wall.

I also did other colouring activities. I enjoyed the wearable arts.  I wore a mask and walked in the wearable Arts parade. We waited on the sidewalk for a long time before our bus