Saturday, 30 July 2016

Fun Shooting by Thiha

We went to the Pegasus Unit, Pakuranga College on the last day of the last term. We met some students from other schools. A group of students from Rotory were there to help with the event. There were 5 games to choose from. I was so good at shooting to the cans. My team won so many sweet prizes. We had a BBQ at the end of the day.

It was so fun to be there.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

North Head Tunnels by Joel

In the holidays I went to North Head tunnels. I went with my brother and my uncle Dave. We went over the Harbour bridge to get to the North Shore. We went through the tunnels and caves. Next we went to see the canons and military bases. There were three little cannons and one big cannon. There were also two military bases.I saw some  big holes which go down to the caves. It had a really fun time down there.


Me at Wellington by Ruby

I went to Wellington in the car. It took one day to get to Wellington. I saw sheep out the window.  My favourite part is the generation one  ponies.  I saw tigers, penguins,giraffes,  rabbits and kangaroos.   I went to Te Papa Museum.
I went to KFC with Dad.  I also had “my food bag”.  They give you the recipes and the food. We have to cook the meal. I had pasta.  It was salty.  I  served  the pasta to the family .  
I also went  to Levin and Redwood Lodge. I shared the room with Mum.  It was so good.Other resolutions: 178 × 240 ...

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Fun times with Portrait Olympics.

Here we are completing our Portrait Olympics at the Sommerville School Art Festival. You had to draw the other side of a famous New Zealnder's face or a student from EWC 1. It was loads of fun and was super busy. Lots of people came and gave it a go.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Portrait Olympics...check it out! by Joel

On Thursday and Friday, we went to the Sommerville Art Festival. We went in 3 cars. We did Portrait Olympics. I explained to the younger students how to play the game with Mina. Students had to draw one half of the faces of famous people from NZ.  To play the game, first you have to get into 2 teams. Then you have to run up and draw 1 part of the face, high five the next student and then they go and draw another part of the face.

We also went to the dancing room and watched Edgewater 2’s Michael Jackson dance. We did some fan art with Edgewater 3. Jane invited us to the sensory room. It was nice to get that experience. Then we went to KFC to have lunch. It  was a good day.