Thursday, 4 August 2016

Knowing about Different Cultures by Keenan


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  4. Hi Keenan,
    Wow!! Really interesting to know what you are learning at school.
    I come to New Zealand in 2006 and any thing got to do go with hot spices will be my favourite to eat. Ha.. Ha... I know you don"t like spice foods.
    Mr.Ranil Wickramasinge is our Prime Minister.
    Any way thanks a lot for asking these questions about my country.

  5. Hi Keenan,
    Thanks for asking me this questions,
    The capital of India is New Delhi.
    I came to Nz in 1997.
    India also have four seasons like NZ Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter.
    The main food of India is Roti,Lentil,Naan ,Rice and and Butter Chicken
    Well done Keenan!!

  6. Hey Keenan! Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle so we wear green because that the colour of the emerald stone. Gaelic football and hurling are the most popular sports but we also love our rugby! There are 3 colours in the Irish flag - green, white and gold.

  7. Hi Keenen, thank you for asking about South Africa which is my birth place and where I grew up and studied. there are 11 national languages because the people there have many different cultures! I speak three of those languages, English, Afrikaans and a local language known as Sesotho, I learned this language as a child on the farm playing with Sotho friends. Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter remain the most celebrated holidays, however as an Afrikaner 16 December remains a very special day when our forefathers were protected by God from a mighty ambush and they promised to give God Glory on this special day each year! This is still celebrated by the true Afrikaners. South Africans love maize porridge and lots of meat! I hope I have answered all your questions.