Monday, 21 November 2016

My Samoan Holiday by Matthew

On Wednesday I went with my brother and Dad to Samoa. Then we went in the big van to my Village. I went to the main gate. Then we went  into the house. We are sleeping in the morning. When we wake up, we went to the island and we played a game called dare. I ran into the sea and I found a necklace. Then I went to the shower. I put on my clothes and we went to the next island and  I had a swim with my dad and my family.  We played volleyball on the sand, after that we went to my Mum’s Island. Then I went to visit my cousin and we played tag. It was so cool being back together with my cousins. I had lots of fun with my cousin

Friday, 18 November 2016

"Summer Disco" by Nikhil

Wednesday 16/11/16
On Tuesday, I went to the Summer holiday disco at Tamaki Hall. I went by Sommerville Special School van. I danced with Bradley,Satvir, Marciano, Lauren and Katy. I had a raspberry juice. I enjoyed dancing so well. My favourite song is peanut butter jelly. I had a fun day. I got a juice from Kettle and Jug. I wore  pants, shirt and a red jumper. I get the chips to eat.

File_006.jpegFile_000 (1).jpeg  

Thursday, 17 November 2016

"Disco" at Tamaki by Mina

On Tuesday 8th of November. My class and I went to Tamaki Campus at Sommerville school for the ‘’Summer holiday’’ Disco. We went there by the Sommervile school van. Lauren from EWC 3 came with us on the van to. We went inside and my class and I started dancing. I danced with my friends and I got a prize and I got pastels. After that I was singing my favourite song called Side To Side by Ariana Grande. I saw my friends shouting and dancing while I was singing. After that the Disco was over and my Dad picked me up and we both went home. I had and awesome and exciting day!
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V 8 Car Racing By Thiha

File_002.jpegFile_004.jpegLast Friday, we went to the V8 car racing. We went by the Sommerville Toyota 2 van. Kevin’s, Lionel’s and Shelly’s class went as well. The race cars were very loud. We sat and had our morning tea. I ate my banana. Then we walked around the raceway and looked at the cars. I have never been before. I had an awesome time. And I hope we go again next year.File_001.jpeg

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Disability Parking - Manaiakalani Film Festival

Check out the fun movie our class, Edgewater 1 from Sommerville Special School made about the Disability car parks.

So..... What is a Disability Car Park?

Please have fun and enjoy watching our movie.

                                        Then ask yourself....

"Are you doing the right thing"?
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