Monday, 21 November 2016

My Samoan Holiday by Matthew

On Wednesday I went with my brother and Dad to Samoa. Then we went in the big van to my Village. I went to the main gate. Then we went  into the house. We are sleeping in the morning. When we wake up, we went to the island and we played a game called dare. I ran into the sea and I found a necklace. Then I went to the shower. I put on my clothes and we went to the next island and  I had a swim with my dad and my family.  We played volleyball on the sand, after that we went to my Mum’s Island. Then I went to visit my cousin and we played tag. It was so cool being back together with my cousins. I had lots of fun with my cousin

Friday, 18 November 2016

"Summer Disco" by Nikhil

Wednesday 16/11/16
On Tuesday, I went to the Summer holiday disco at Tamaki Hall. I went by Sommerville Special School van. I danced with Bradley,Satvir, Marciano, Lauren and Katy. I had a raspberry juice. I enjoyed dancing so well. My favourite song is peanut butter jelly. I had a fun day. I got a juice from Kettle and Jug. I wore  pants, shirt and a red jumper. I get the chips to eat.

File_006.jpegFile_000 (1).jpeg  

Thursday, 17 November 2016

"Disco" at Tamaki by Mina

On Tuesday 8th of November. My class and I went to Tamaki Campus at Sommerville school for the ‘’Summer holiday’’ Disco. We went there by the Sommervile school van. Lauren from EWC 3 came with us on the van to. We went inside and my class and I started dancing. I danced with my friends and I got a prize and I got pastels. After that I was singing my favourite song called Side To Side by Ariana Grande. I saw my friends shouting and dancing while I was singing. After that the Disco was over and my Dad picked me up and we both went home. I had and awesome and exciting day!
File_007 (1).jpegIMG_2293.JPG

V 8 Car Racing By Thiha

File_002.jpegFile_004.jpegLast Friday, we went to the V8 car racing. We went by the Sommerville Toyota 2 van. Kevin’s, Lionel’s and Shelly’s class went as well. The race cars were very loud. We sat and had our morning tea. I ate my banana. Then we walked around the raceway and looked at the cars. I have never been before. I had an awesome time. And I hope we go again next year.File_001.jpeg

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Disability Parking - Manaiakalani Film Festival

Check out the fun movie our class, Edgewater 1 from Sommerville Special School made about the Disability car parks.

So..... What is a Disability Car Park?

Please have fun and enjoy watching our movie.

                                        Then ask yourself....

"Are you doing the right thing"?
Open Movie in Google Drive

Friday, 28 October 2016

Halloween Pool Party!!!

Check us out at the Halloween Pool Party!!! 
Tune in here for more photos and stories from the students on Monday. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Paralympic Welcome home By Keenan

Wednesday 12 October 2016

I went on the harbour bridge to the Millennium Institute of Sports Paralympic NZ welcome home. TV1 was there taking photos. I was wearing a New Zealand scarf,a gold crown.
I had burger king for lunch.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Welcome Home- 2016 Paralympic Team by Joel

On Friday, the last day of term 3, we went to the Millennium Institute of Sport on the North Shore. We went there to celebrate the welcome home to the Paralympic team of New Zealand. First we went in the school van to get there. We went over the Auckland Harbor Bridge to the North Shore. When we got there we sat on the blue mat. I saw the news people there with video cameras. First Peter Williams interviewed the athletes. We were holding up posters and New Zealand flags and also wearing golden crowns. After that we met some of the athletes. I met Sophie Pascoe, Liam Malone, Anna Grimaldi and Holly Robinson. We also took selfies with them. My favorite athlete was Sophie Pascoe. Then we went back to the van and went to Pakuranga Mall and had BK for lunch. After that we went back to school. When I went home, I saw us on the news. I was feeling excited.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

2016 Paralympics By Thiha

Last Friday of term 3, we went to the Paralympic NZ welcome home. We went by the Sommerville school van. We went over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. We went to the Millenium Institute of Sport. I had my photo taken with Sophie Pascoe. She is a good swimmer and she won 5 medals. We had a photo taken with Liam Malone. He is a good runner and he won 3 medals.  I had an exciting day.

Friday, 23 September 2016

ASB stadium By Thiha

File_000 (11).jpegOn Thursday, we went to the ASB stadium. We went by bus. We eat morning tea. We played Sunnydene first at basketball. We played very hard. We played Balmoral school. And then we played with Sommerville Shelley’s class. We played very well. Matthew pass me the ball and I shoot. We won 3 games. I had lot of fun.IMG_1741.JPG

baskedball tournament By Matthew

File_000 (17).jpegOn Friday, we went to the basketball tournament at ASB stadium. Then we have our lunch there. We have our first game. We versus Selwyn College. Then we won our game, the our score is 20-4 I dribble the ball than I pass the ball to Thiha shoot the ball.  I ran to the ball, I throw the ball up then the ball went out. Than I went to Lionel's class and we played Howick college. I was happy because I wanted to play the harder teams. Then we have our prize giving. We got first place.IMG_1742 (1).JPGIMG_1867.JPGIMG_1743.JPG

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Special Olympics Basketball tournament By Joel

On Thursday we went to the Special Olympics Basketball tournament at ASB Stadium. First we went into the bus to get to the tournament. When we got there we went up to the seats. We had a little morning tea. After that we sang the national anthem. Next we played some Basketball games. We played 3 games with Sunnydene school,Balmoral school and Sommerville (Shelly’s class). We won all of the games. I got a goal in one of games and I felt really good to myself. In the third game I challenged a boy. He was like the best in their team. It was hard to get the ball off the boy and I passed it on to Nikhil. Then we went back up to have a little lunch. Next we went back down to watch people play. We watched Matthew play against the Howick College team. After that we sat down and received our certificate. We came 1st place. Next we went back in the bus and back to school. It was a really fun day.


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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Going to the city By Kyi-Kyaw

Paralympics. IMG_1569.JPG
Fish market
Big TV
Sky tower


Monday, 19 September 2016

Paralympics 2016 by Thiha

IMG_1582.JPGLast Friday, we went to downtown Auckland to watch the Paralympics. We went by Sommerville School van. We saw Sky Tower. We went to Auckland Fish Market Cafe. We saw a big TV. We watched some of the Paralympics games. We watched swimming. We had yummy lunch. We went for a walk around the city. We saw big sailing boats. We saw the bridge. The bridge can open. We saw pop up library. Then we went to play ground. I played on the swing. I saw players playing basket ball. It is my first time at the waterfront. I enjoyed it.IMG_1568.JPGIMG_1577.JPGIMG_1604.JPG

Friday, 16 September 2016

Paralympics by Joel

On Friday we went to the Waterfront next to the CBD in Auckland. We went there to watch the Paralympics. We went into the fish market. They had a big TV with a fanzone. We saw the swimming event. Some one from the NZ team called Rebecca Dubber won a bronze medal. We had some food in the cafe. I had juice and chicken nuggets. After that we went to the waterfront bridge. It was big and it opens and closes. When it opens it goes up and when it closes it goes down. It has to let the boats go through it. Next we saw the boats and we saw the little library. Then we went over to the playground. I saw where my dad works. He works in a black building next to the Sky Tower. After that we went back to school for lunch. It was a really fun and a nice day. IMG_1575.JPG

IMG_1577.JPG        IMG_1572.JPG

IMG_1593.JPG      IMG_1604.JPG

Friday, 9 September 2016