Friday, 21 April 2017

We went to Te Oro by Matthew

Yesterday we went to the Te Oro in Glen Innes. We went inside onto the stage. Next, we sang our song about rubbish in the Rivers of Tamaki. Our song was called ‘By the Rivers of Tamaki’. I played my instrument “larger phone”. There were lots of school children. We saw Sarah’s class and they were watching us singing. I think we did very well and everyone there was happy.

Next, we went to the Pakuranga mall. We ate ice cream and chips from the BK.   After that, we came back to the class,                                             IMG_0171.JPGIMG_0192.JPG

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Singing at Te Oro by Thiha

Yesterday, we went to Te Oro in Glen Innes. We went inside on the stage and we lined up ready for our performance. We sang our song about the Tamaki river and pollution. Our song is called  “The Rivers of Tamaki”.

We saw Point England, Tamaki College, Tamaki Primary School and Sommerville School. There were lot of schools there to watch us. We came back our classroom and had our lunch.IMG_0163.JPGIMG_0128.JPG

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Our song performance at Te Oro by Joel

Yesterday we went to Te Oro to perform our Rivers of Tamaki song to 12 other schools. First of all, we went into the van to get there. When we got to Te Oro, there were lots of other people. But before we performed our song, we went and looked at other schools things. I saw one of the schools has made a fake polluted river and some fake land. Next, we lined up ready to perform our song. But we had to wait for the little ones to finish doing their show. Then we went up to the stage and Hills introduced our song and the instruments we made for it. One example is the larger phone. The larger phone has bottle tops from the Tamaki Rivers. Next, we started to sing our song. We sang with EWC 2. After we sung our song, we turned around to went out to the van. I had a really fun time performing our song at Te Oro.



Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Special Olympics at Mt.Smart By Julia

On Thursday our class went to Special Olympics Athletics. I saw my best friends Amy, Marciono, Allan, Vicky.  My dad was there to cheer me running. I did mini javelin, 200m, 100m and the 100m relay. We met the Warriors and it was Shaun Johnson. We have our morning tea and lunch.  I came 4th running. We went on the bus.  I was sitting with Kyi - Kyaw on the bus.


Monday, 3 April 2017

No Excuses!!!!!! By Mina

Most people litter everywhere, especially around waterways a lot, like your family members, friends, neighbors or even yourself.  But it’s not ok to litter around. When you do it, you have some very good excuses to do so. Remember!!!!! there is NEVER a good excuse for littering. Following are some of the excuses people made to cover what they do.

’’It’s just a lolly wrapper.’’

’’Everyone else does it!’’

’’It fell out of my pocket’’

’’Why shouldn’t I?’’

’’It’s so tiny, it won’t matter’’

’’I saw an adult do it.’’

”Animals will eat apple core”

”There wasn’t a sign telling me not to litter”

Have you ever littered and thought you had a good reason for it?

Special Olympics with Vodafone Warriors!!!