Friday, 24 March 2017

Fun Athletics Day at Edgewater College By Matthew

On Wednesday 22nd March we were involved in the Edgewater College Athletics day. I was in Jones whanau team. Julia, Joel, Kyi-kyaw, and I were in the same team. First I did the 400m run. I came fifth. It was tiring. Next, I went to do shotput throwing and I did 6 throws. Next,  I went to do long jump. I did a good jump and added 6 points to my whanau team. The next game was the obstacle course. It was so hard to do. It is running and jumping on the desk and running around the cones and over the hurdles. It was so fun to do.

Edgewater Athletics Day By Julia

On Wednesday  22nd March we went to Edgewater College  Athletics Day with our class, Edgewater 2, Edgewater 3.   I was  in  Jones Group with Kyi - Kyaw,Matthew and joel.  First, we did long jump. I did 2 big jumps. Next, we went to do Obstacle running. It was a bit hard to jump over the desk.  Then I did throwing. The shotput was heavy. The last event was running 400m. I felt really tired after the race. This year I Didn’t do the relay but I was in the group last year.  After lunch we watched relays and the team from Sommerville group did very well. It was really an exciting day.            IMG_3137.JPGIMG_3290.JPG

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Cleaning Around the school Field by Joel

On Monday, we went to pick up rubbish on our school field. First of all, we got plastic bags and put on gloves. Then we went to EWC 3 to get the other students. Next, we went out onto the big field and started on the right side near the gym. I picked up lots of rubbish and filled up a big bag. After a while we went up to the area where the new classrooms are and we picked up more rubbish. Lastly, we went to the bins next to the gym and put all the rubbish bags in there and went back to the class. I was surprised to see how much rubbish was there on the school field.



Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Keeping our Beaches Clean By Joel

Yesterday we went to Farmcove Beach to see the local waterway. We went in the big Toyota van. When we got there we went for a walk around the beach and we saw lots of new houses and boats. After that, we went into the sand area of the beach  and picked up some rubbish. After that we went and played in the “Snakes and Ladders” on the Snakes and Ladders playground that they had there. First some one had to roll the dice and had to go up along ladders and go down by slides. We also went on the exercise machines by the carpark.  I had a really fun time at the beach and I hope we will go to look at other waterways in the near future.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Keep it Clean!!!!!! by Thiha

On Thursday the 16th  we went to Pakuranga sailing club. We went by a flash van. First, we went for a  walk along the walking track. We picked up rubbish and put in the bin at the beach. We did some exercises there. We played in the “snakes and ladders” park. After all that, we come back to the classroom and ate our lunch. It was a sunny and hot day. I felt awesome. I never been there before.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Visiting Farm Cove Beach By Kyi Kyaw

Yesterday  we went to Farm Cove Beach.
It  was  sunny and hot.  We went walking.
We picked  up rubbish on the  beach.
There were some guys fishing. I  had a  go on the exercise machines.
I  was excited.
Kyikyaw 17/3/17



Learning About Waterways By Julia

On Thursday,  we went to the  Farm Cove  beach with our class.  We didn’t go swimming because only two people brought their swimming togs.  We picked up the rubbish and put it in the bin. I found a bottle cap.  Then we played Snakes and Ladders.  We went in the Sommerville van and Nicola drove us to the beach. I went on the swings and I had lots of fun.  It was a sunny day and I liked to go to on the exercise machines.  


Monday, 13 March 2017

Te Taiao O Tamaki

For the past term in music, we have been practising the "Rivers of Tamaki", our school about the Environment. The original song is called "The Rivers of Babylon". It's not okay to drop rubbish in the waterways such as Rivers, Oceans, Forest and Lakes.

The Water Bodies

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Awesome Fun at the Weekend by Thiha

File:Prabhadevi Temple in ...
File:Watermelons.jpgOn Saturday morning, I played rugby with my friend. His name is Chris.  I played for 1 hour with my friend at my garden. Next we went to my  Aunty's house and we ate dinner there. On Sunday morning, We went to the New Lynn Sunday market. The was  a lot of people there. I bought a watermelon and vegetables. After that  we went to the New Lynn Temple. I pray there. I had lunch at the New Lynn Temple.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My Trip to Motat by Joel

On Saturday I went to Motat with my Dad, my brother and my step Mum. First ,we went into the main museum and we looked at stuff like old computers and old arcades. Afterward we went into the next building and saw some old machines. Later on we went back outside and looked at some old houses and a old church. A Moment later we had lunch at the Motat cafe. I had chicken strips. After that we went on the tram past the zoo to the aircraft museum and saw some old aircraft's. I saw a old New Zealand Air Force aircraft. Lastly we went back on the tram back to the main bit of Motat and went back home. I had Dominos Pizza for dinner that night. My pizza had beef and onion on it. I had a really fun time at Motat.  
... of planes at MOTAT.jpgFile:Tram between MOTAT sites. ...


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Fun day with Mt. Richmend Sattelite Class By Matthew

                      Monday  the 20th 2017
we all went in the flash van to Mount Richmond Satellite class at Papatoetoe  Intermediate to play touch Rugby. I met some new friends there. I ran to touch others  with the ball. I got a try. Later I was subbed for Alan. I sat in the shade and watched the game and waited for my turn. I went back in the game. I passed the ball to Thiha and he got  a try. At halftime we had a rest under the tree and we had a drink of milk. After the game we  all went in the classroom and we had lunch.IMG_3148.JPG
After that we came back to school.


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Touch Rugby with Papatoetoe School By Joel

On Monday we went to play Touch Rugby at Papatoetoe Intermediate satellite class part of Mount Richmond Special School. First of all we went into our big Toyota van. I was like brand new and it was flash also it was white. It took us like 10 minutes to get there. Shortly after we went into the class. We took Kate from EW2 and Andrew from EW3. John was teacher in that class. 7 students from Lionel’s class was also there and Ashwin was there is well. Therefore we had morning tea. Afterwards we went out with the class into the field. Then we started to play Touch Rugby. But first some people went into a tree like me to get some shade and watched some other people play. A moment later It was our turn to play. First we went into a lane and we run and tried to touch the other team. Each team had 5 touches so when someone from the other team touches us we have to put the ball down on the ground and roll it back. The ball we had was a yellow ball. We had milk and water there. After the game we went back inside and find out that we won the game. I was very excited that we won. Lastly we went back to school to have lunch. I had a really fun day playing Touch Rugby at Papatoetoe Intermediate.