Wednesday, 17 May 2017

My Trip to the Museum by Joel

Yesterday we went to Downtown Auckland to go to the Maritime Museum and a Harbour Cruise. First, we went into a van to get there. When we got there we went inside the museum. Then the lady introduced the museum. Before we had a look inside, we had morning tea. After that, we went inside to look at the boats and ships. The lady gave us maps to get around the museum. I saw a big team New Zealand boat and we played a ship game they had there. After a while, we went back outside and had lunch. As we were eating our lunch we saw a man lighting a canon. The canon was really really loud. Then we got ready to go onto the boat. First I felt really nervous. When we got onto the boat, I was sitting upstairs. The ship was riding past. I saw the  Ports of Auckland and a view of the city. It even went under the Harbour Bridge. I saw some bungy jumping from the bridge. I had a really fun time at the Maritime Museum and on the ship.



Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Boat Trip by Thiha

Yesterday, we went to Maritime Museum. We went by the flash Sommerville van. Next we went to see the Team New Zealand yacht. I saw a lot of yachts and the America's cup trophy inside the museum. Next we went to the big Ferry. Julia and I sat inside the boat. It was very sunny. I felt sick on the boat. It was my third time going on the boat.


Monday, 15 May 2017

Visit to Maritime Museum by Kyi Kyaw

Yesterday  I  went to the Maritime  Museum. My favourite thing yesterday was the boat trip.
What else did we do?  Walking to the van. I  was tired.
Did you  have a good day?  Yes  I  had a fun  day  
How did you  feel?  I felt proud. It was  sunny.
Who did  you see? I see my friends.
What school were they from?  Another school.
What uniform did they wear? Black uniform
What was your favourite part of the day? On the boat and going under the harbour bridge.IMG_3730.JPG




Saturday, 13 May 2017

Learning to make Enchiladas for lunch.

On  Friday, we made Enchiladas in Food Technology.

Here is what the students said:

 Thiha said: "It was great to make the Enchiladas because I asked to make this recipe."
 Kyi-kyaw said, "The onions, cut it up. I like the chicken and beef. Sour cream...yes please."
Joel said: " I stirred up the mince. My ones were the ones with no cheese on it. I have never liked cheese."

Matthew said: "My favourite part was frying the mince, adding sauce on top and putting on the cheese. The taste was so cool." 
Aidan said: "He likes eating the sauce and cheese. It was tasty." 
He also said he doesn't like cleaning!

Julia said; "It was awesome. One of her favourite parts was rolling up the enchiladas and overall she liked the dishes the best."

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Crusing Around by Matthew

Yesterday we went to the Maritime Museum. Next, we went to the see the Team New Zealand boat. We went inside the big hall. The lady taught me how to use the map.  We walked around and watched some other sailing boats. I played with a boat with my friends. I watched the story about Sir Peter Blake. After that, we went to the ferry. First I was standing up. A moment later I started walking around. I felt normal. I saw lots of big ships and the Harbour Bridge. I met some new friends. It was really fun.IMG_3734.JPGIMG_0587.JPG

IMG_4445 (1).JPGIMG_4406.JPG

My First Boat Ride by Julia

On  Tuesday our class went to  Maritime Museum .

We went on the Auckland Harbour  Cruise. I felt a bit nervous. I did not like  the bumpy ride. The  weather  was sunny. We saw the sky tower and long building. Inside the Museum  Thiha , Matthew, Joel and I played with a sailing boat. I saw  the America's Cup  inside the Museum. Thiha and I went inside the boat to sit on comfortable chairs.       IMG_0517.JPGIMG_4379.JPGIMG_0544.JPGIMG_4352.JPG

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

How I spent my Holidays by Matthew

Do you remember learning to drive and white knuckling 10 a… | FlickrOn Sunday afternoon my mum and I went to the park. Then my Mum taught me how to drive the car. The car was shaking because the wind was so strong. First I drove slowly. I felt very excited. On Friday morning my brother and I went to the Pakuranga warehouse. We bought an X-box one. We sat down and played all day. On Saturday night I went to my Aunty’s house with my family. We had a farewell party for my Aunty because my Aunty is going back to America. We had an opening prayer by my Uncle. It was really sad to see her leaving.

File:Microsoft-Xbox-One-S-Console-wController-L.jpg - Wikimedia ...

Acting out in the holidays by Joel

During the term 1 holidays, I was acting in a short film set in the 1800s. First, my youth leader picked me up from my home. Then I went to the filming place. The filming place was the Howick Historical Village. When I got there, I went to the green room to get setup. I was a miner in the film. After that, we went to the film area. My part was marching from mining with some other people. We had to do it over and over again. My feet were so tired from walking and marching. After about 4 or 5 hours of filming, I went back to the green room. Lastly, I had a snack and I went home. I was really excited to be acting in a film.   

Image result for howick historical village    Image result for howick historical village