Monday, 21 November 2016

My Samoan Holiday by Matthew

On Wednesday I went with my brother and Dad to Samoa. Then we went in the big van to my Village. I went to the main gate. Then we went  into the house. We are sleeping in the morning. When we wake up, we went to the island and we played a game called dare. I ran into the sea and I found a necklace. Then I went to the shower. I put on my clothes and we went to the next island and  I had a swim with my dad and my family.  We played volleyball on the sand, after that we went to my Mum’s Island. Then I went to visit my cousin and we played tag. It was so cool being back together with my cousins. I had lots of fun with my cousin

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  1. Hi Edgewater 1. I heard that mtthew had a hoilday. matthew hope you have
    had lovely holiday.Joseph from Stonefields satellite class.