Monday, 3 April 2017

No Excuses!!!!!! By Mina

Most people litter everywhere, especially around waterways a lot, like your family members, friends, neighbors or even yourself.  But it’s not ok to litter around. When you do it, you have some very good excuses to do so. Remember!!!!! there is NEVER a good excuse for littering. Following are some of the excuses people made to cover what they do.

’’It’s just a lolly wrapper.’’

’’Everyone else does it!’’

’’It fell out of my pocket’’

’’Why shouldn’t I?’’

’’It’s so tiny, it won’t matter’’

’’I saw an adult do it.’’

”Animals will eat apple core”

”There wasn’t a sign telling me not to litter”

Have you ever littered and thought you had a good reason for it?

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  1. Morena EWC1, this is a very good persuasive piece of work. Asking the right questions will encourage people to do the right thing. Why do you think people make excuses for littering?
    Room 7 at St. Patrick's School