Friday, 21 April 2017

We went to Te Oro by Matthew

Yesterday we went to the Te Oro in Glen Innes. We went inside onto the stage. Next, we sang our song about rubbish in the Rivers of Tamaki. Our song was called ‘By the Rivers of Tamaki’. I played my instrument “larger phone”. There were lots of school children. We saw Sarah’s class and they were watching us singing. I think we did very well and everyone there was happy.

Next, we went to the Pakuranga mall. We ate ice cream and chips from the BK.   After that, we came back to the class,                                             IMG_0171.JPGIMG_0192.JPG

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  1. I have really loved seeing your posts and photos on your fabulous site!! You were all wonderful on stage as you can see by the photos. I think our audience really got the message from you that it is NOT okay to toss rubbish into our waterways. I was very proud to be on stage with such a great group of people! Cheers, Hilz