Saturday, 6 August 2016

Cultures I would Like To Know About by Julia


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  2. Hi Julia,
    Thanks a lot for inquiring about my country. I was a high school teacher in Sri lanka. We mainly speak 03 languages, sinhala, english and Tamil.
    Yes, Its a big time difference. 7 and half hours.


  3. Our main food in India is Roti, Rice, Naan and Butter chicken.
    We greet people by using the word `Namaste` which means Hello!
    Our traditional costume is Saree for women and Kurta for the Men.
    India is located in Asia.
    Have a good day:)

  4. Hey Julia! The most famous symbol is the shamrock or clover and it is supposed to be good luck :) Ireland is located next to Britain/ UK. I live in Northern Ireland which is the top part of the country. St Patricks day is the most popular date in Ireland but people around the world also love to celebrate this day!

  5. Hi Julia, South Africa is a beautiful but torn country. It is situated on the point of Southern part of Africa. South Aricans have 11 national languages and we love maize porridge and meat. South Africans like to sing and dance. They are well known for the world famous enough " Ipi n tombi" show which made the song " the Lion sleeps tonight" famous. Christian days like Easter and Christmas still remain the most celebrated days.