Tuesday, 2 May 2017

How I spent my Holidays by Matthew

Do you remember learning to drive and white knuckling 10 a… | FlickrOn Sunday afternoon my mum and I went to the park. Then my Mum taught me how to drive the car. The car was shaking because the wind was so strong. First I drove slowly. I felt very excited. On Friday morning my brother and I went to the Pakuranga warehouse. We bought an X-box one. We sat down and played all day. On Saturday night I went to my Aunty’s house with my family. We had a farewell party for my Aunty because my Aunty is going back to America. We had an opening prayer by my Uncle. It was really sad to see her leaving.

File:Microsoft-Xbox-One-S-Console-wController-L.jpg - Wikimedia ...


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  2. Good job on driving a car, I do not think I could do that. I have also got a Xbox but mine is an Xbox 360. How did it feel driving the car?