Friday, 16 September 2016

Paralympics by Joel

On Friday we went to the Waterfront next to the CBD in Auckland. We went there to watch the Paralympics. We went into the fish market. They had a big TV with a fanzone. We saw the swimming event. Some one from the NZ team called Rebecca Dubber won a bronze medal. We had some food in the cafe. I had juice and chicken nuggets. After that we went to the waterfront bridge. It was big and it opens and closes. When it opens it goes up and when it closes it goes down. It has to let the boats go through it. Next we saw the boats and we saw the little library. Then we went over to the playground. I saw where my dad works. He works in a black building next to the Sky Tower. After that we went back to school for lunch. It was a really fun and a nice day. IMG_1575.JPG

IMG_1577.JPG        IMG_1572.JPG

IMG_1593.JPG      IMG_1604.JPG

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