Friday, 17 February 2017

Halberg Awards 2017 by Matthew

  1. What were the special awards on Auckland last right?
       It was the Halberg awards 2017

2. Name at least two  Nz sports people who you have met that were there?
I have met Liam Malone and Sophie PascoeIMG_1800.JPG



3. Who won the Disability Sportsperson of the year? Can you remember what sport he does?
The Disability Sportsperson of the year is Liam Malone. He does running

4. Who was named sportsman of the year? Why was
This so special?
It is Mahe Drysdale. He has won the same award five times

5. What sport does the sportswomen of the year do? How did she do in Rio?
It is Lisa Carrington.She has won the K1 200 gold and the K1 500m Bronze in Brazil.

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