Saturday, 13 May 2017

Learning to make Enchiladas for lunch.

On  Friday, we made Enchiladas in Food Technology.

Here is what the students said:

 Thiha said: "It was great to make the Enchiladas because I asked to make this recipe."
 Kyi-kyaw said, "The onions, cut it up. I like the chicken and beef. Sour cream...yes please."
Joel said: " I stirred up the mince. My ones were the ones with no cheese on it. I have never liked cheese."

Matthew said: "My favourite part was frying the mince, adding sauce on top and putting on the cheese. The taste was so cool." 
Aidan said: "He likes eating the sauce and cheese. It was tasty." 
He also said he doesn't like cleaning!

Julia said; "It was awesome. One of her favourite parts was rolling up the enchiladas and overall she liked the dishes the best."

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  1. Hi Edgewater 1,
    I enjoyed the photos of Enchiladas.
    From Andrew