Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Touch Rugby with Papatoetoe School By Joel

On Monday we went to play Touch Rugby at Papatoetoe Intermediate satellite class part of Mount Richmond Special School. First of all we went into our big Toyota van. I was like brand new and it was flash also it was white. It took us like 10 minutes to get there. Shortly after we went into the class. We took Kate from EW2 and Andrew from EW3. John was teacher in that class. 7 students from Lionel’s class was also there and Ashwin was there is well. Therefore we had morning tea. Afterwards we went out with the class into the field. Then we started to play Touch Rugby. But first some people went into a tree like me to get some shade and watched some other people play. A moment later It was our turn to play. First we went into a lane and we run and tried to touch the other team. Each team had 5 touches so when someone from the other team touches us we have to put the ball down on the ground and roll it back. The ball we had was a yellow ball. We had milk and water there. After the game we went back inside and find out that we won the game. I was very excited that we won. Lastly we went back to school to have lunch. I had a really fun day playing Touch Rugby at Papatoetoe Intermediate.




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