Monday, 3 July 2017

Learning about Food Pyramid by Mina

This term room 2 and my class is learning about the Food Pyramid. The food pyramid is all about what you should eat more and less. There are five groups all together in the food pyramid. The five groups are called Grains, Fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat and fish and Junk food. Grains is my favourite because in that group there is rice, bread, pasta, and porridge, the Dairy group got food made out of milk. Fruit and vegetables are what you should be eating more. We need meat and fish, chicken, eggs, steak and red meat to keep us fit and strong. We all love junk food and even adults like junk food as well! But we all need to eat less food like chips, takeaway, peanut butter, cookies etc.IMG_4496.JPGIMG_5383.JPG

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