Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Playing Soccer at the Special Olympics by Joel

On Monday the 26th of June, we went to the Special Olympics Football Tournament at Macleans College. I was in Shyama's car. When we got there we had a little warm up time before the opening ceremony. Then we got into our teams. I was on the "Eagles" team. Nex, we got into our first game. I was trying my best to get the ball off from the other team. At one time in the first game, Thiha was throwing the ball to someone, so I tried to go near our goal to try and help Thiha’s throw. But I missed that time. We won our first game 3-1. After we played the first game we went on and played 3 other games but we lost all of those games. Next, we went to the other side of the football ground and I played more of a free game. On that game, I dribbled the ball down the field and passed the ball to William. He got it into our goal. I was really proud of myself at that time! Then we had a little rest. After that, we sat down and they announced the winners. My team didn’t win but my team came 4th. After that, we went back to school. I had really fun time at Special Olympics Football Tournament. Next time I would like to try and get some more goals.

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