Thursday, 10 August 2017

Doing P.E with the Edgewater year 13

On Monday the 7th, our class did PE with the year 13’s of Edgewater College. First, we got changed into our PE gear. Then we went into the big PE room. Next us and the year 13 students got into two teams. After that, we did some warm ups like throwing the ball into the net and the other team did table tennis. Then we played some games like tagging, Simon says, soccer and duck duck goose. The tagging one was really fun because we had to run across the room and try to not get tagged by the taggers. In one soccer game, I got some goals. I was really proud of myself. The last game we played there was duck duck goose. Then we went back to class. I had a really fun time playing with the year 13’s.




  1. Fantastic story Joel and great to hear how you are getting on in PE.
    Awesome getting some goals too :-)

    1. Hi Nicola, Thanks for the comment.
      I hope your doing well on your surgery. Today I did a new blog post on my trip to the Dentist yesterday.

  2. Excellent response Joel, well done. Yes I'm doing not too bad thanks. Still getting round on crutches. Hope you have been cleaning your teeth. How was the dentist trip?