Friday, 11 August 2017

Fun P.E with others by Thiha

On Monday, we did P.E. with Edgewater year 13. They were training to present spot activities. We all went to the gym and were divided into two groups. Some of the activities we did were basketball, soccer, tagging, Simon says and duck duck goose. My favorite game was soccer. I was so tired.IMG_0026.JPGIMG_6284.JPGIMG_6345.JPGIMG_6304.JPG


  1. Excellent writing Thiha. I'm glad you are enjoying the PE with Yr 13 students. How do you ply Simon Says?

  2. Simon says put hands on head. You have to listen.

  3. Oh true! glad you are practicing your listening skills. What happens if you don't get your hands on your head in time? How is your talking device going?